Training program organized by Training & Placement Cell to train the skills of candidates and preparing them for interviews with their dream companies counseling them.

Extensive Pre-placement training programs for Pre-final and Final Semester students. Company-specific training on the format of the writing the resumes, body language and facing the interviews etc.

Conducting Mock/Simulated exercises on Aptitude, Group Discussion, Technical and General interview skills etc.

1. Development of verbal & non-verbal communication skills.
2. Development of emotional intelligence & interpersonal skills.
3. Overcoming inferiority & superiority syndromes & hesitant approaches.Development of positive attitude. Development of self esteem & confidence building skills.
4. Development of Managerial & leadership skills.
5. Voice And Accent (V&A)
6. Human Resource Training (HRT)
7. ITL Training (technical Training)
8. Soft Skills
9. Communication Skills
10. Active Listening Skills
11. Paraphrasing Skills
12. Empathy
13. Probing Skills
14. Problem Solving Skills
15. Task rapport Balance
16. Customer Service Skills
17. Self- Development

What's TiCKET2CAREERS differents

  • We are super strong when it comes to Hiring thru Social Media/Offline Channels.
  • We exactly know how to catch the Big Fish.
  • Our Team consists of no High Intellectuals, but the way we execute and deliver seems like we are one.
  • We have built a strong referral / networks which will enable us to spot the Right Hires in this vast ocean of talents.